Professor Wei Dong studied fine art at one of the finest schools in China, the School of Art and Design at Tsing Hua University, earning his undergrad degree in 1984. From there he continued his education at Virginia Commonwealth University and received his Masters for Fine Arts in 1988. Professor Wei Dong began his teaching career in the school of design at Iowa State University between 1989 to 1993. Currently he is a full time professor with a distinguished achievement professorship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since 1993.  Wei is known nationally and globally for his artwork which have been collected by both private collectors and large companies, particularly in the Virginia and Washington D.C. areas.

董伟 美国威斯康辛大学麦迪逊总部环境设计系杰出贡献终生教授;设计学系主任(2008-2012),研究生/博士生导师;美国艺术与设计教育委员会委员;美国视觉交流与艺术协会会员;美国威斯康辛大学国际关系顾问委员会委员;美国威斯康辛州中美经济发展顾问委员会委员;受聘于中国和美国多所艺术玉设计学院荣誉教授,清华大学百年鉴定,艺术和设计学院七人国际评估委员会委员。





Wei holds several honoree professorship's at a variety of universities throughout the US and China. He has also received several art and design awards from international competitions such as IDEC and the Art and Design Educators competition in the US. His creative work has also been presented in numerous gallery shows and presentations nationally and internationally as well. Professor Wei Dong has given lectures and workshops across the US, Asia, the Middle East, and has been involved with over 50 universities globally. He continues to write about his ideas and techniques by publishing two books in which one has been translated from English into Spanish, and Korean. His techniques and guidance have been highly sought after around the world. Wei has presented over 40 papers internationally receiving global recognition for his work. For his extraordinary records of creative scholarship, outstanding performance in teaching and service, he has received five distinguished awards from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.